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::: Deluxe Machines (Open Type):::

Wire Covering Range :
Al. & Cu. from 10 SWG to 4 SWG ( 3.25 mm to 6.0 mm. Dia.)
Insulating Material :
Cotton yarn threads
Pay off System :
Pay off System of reels is provided with bush bearing mounted shaft fitted on both side bearing holder with tension adjustable brake mechanism, and wire cleaning attachment to achieve perfect and constant tension on the bare wire during paper covering with accommodation of full size of reels as per model.
Pay off Reel Size :
MODEL : DELUXE ( open type )
Flange dia. : 400 mm Total width : 300 mm Bore dia.: 40 mm
Cotton Covering Spinner Head :
Cotton covering Spinner Head is designed to achieve perfect covering by Synchronous timing belt drive mechanism with positively driven complete in all respect. Both spinner heads are rotating in opposite direction (Clockwise and anti clockwise) with positively equal speeds without vibration and variation.
Cotton Spool Size :
  65 mm. diameter x 65 mm. width
RPM of Spinner :
  1800 to 2500
Clutch & Traverse System :
A specially designed clutch system is provided to achieve the perfect, constant and required tension, continuously variable according to the size of wire. Traverse system is designed and precisely manufactured for perfect reeling of wire with adjustable width arrangement positively to accommodate different width of reels.
Take up System :
  Take up system is designed & manufactured for free movement of rotation of take up reels and to accommodate maximum size of reels.
Take up Reel Size :
  Collapsible spool to get ready coil of wire in size :
300 mm. (outer dia.) x 75 mm. width x 125 mm. (inner dia.).
Linear Speed :
Linear speed of wire can be adjusted from 1metres to 10 metres per minute by the help of change gears of different size.
Drive System :
A totally new concept Handle operated system individually on all heads with specially designed and developed Gear box with clutch incorporated to eliminate vibration on covering heads for DELUXE ( open type ) models driven by individual motors in each line.
Electrical :
Electric motor AC. 3 phase or DC 1 phase provided on the machine as per model. Separate panel is provided for the operating circuit with contactors, overload relays and line indicators.
Tool Box :
Tool box is provided with all accessories, necessary tools and spanners set for operation & maintenance of the machines.
Power Saving & Safety :
Handle operated system is designed and developed FIRST TIME IN INDIA to get the advantage of power saving and unnecessary ware and tare of mechanisms, parts, motor, V- belts etc. and to avoid accidents.
Testing and Inspection :
All machines are thoroughly tested at our works before dispatch by an experienced and technically qualified personnel.
Counting and Monitoring System :
  Digital Electronic Programmable Length Measuring Counters with Totalisers are provided on each line ( At Extra Cost )
Auto Stop System :
Auto stop systems is provided in DELUXE models individually operated. Any line / head stops automatically if paper breaks or ends up. ( At Extra Cost )
Automatic Thread Tension Control :
Thread tension controller is provided on each taping head to control the maximum and minimum tension of thread yarns. ( At Extra Cost )
Advantages of Introducing Cotton / Cotton Spools and Take up Reels :
Minimum stoppage of machine
Maximum length of wire in one piece
Minimum wastage of cotton, cotton yarn & threads
Minimum material handling
Less space occupied in shop floor for storage of reels

  • Live demonstration for Deluxe (DX) and Super Deluxe (SDX) models with all facilities at factory.
  • We also undertake special purpose machine for Wire & Cable Industries as per Customer's Specifications.


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